WOS Galerie Logo
WOS Galerie Logo

In order to bundle our know-how - with together more than 50 years of experience - and many new ideas for the future, we founded the Gallery WOS in the summer of 2019. The abbreviation stands for Daniel Wahrenberger, Claudius Ochsner and Thomas Schafflützel.

Daniel Wahrenberger founded the Gallery Wahrenberger in Zurich in 1994. In his gallery he showed works of contemporary art. Claudius Ochsner and Thomas Schafflützel managed the Gallery Barr & Ochsner GmbH, which was founded in Zurich and New York in 1997. The gallery was specialized in works of classical modern and contemporary art. The focus of Gallery WOS is on the connection between the 20th and 21st centuries; to show paintings, works on paper, sculptures and photographs, not as individual objects, but as the result of an art-historical development. The first joint appearance was in Salzburg with a special show of Picasso, then Luxemburg, Innsbruck and in February Karlsruhe with a special show on Daniel Spoerri. These will be followed by exhibitions at art fairs in Basel, Cologne, Geneva and Düsseldorf.


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  • managing your inventory
  • representation at auctions
  • neutral purchasing advice
  • estimates
  • certificates of authenticity
  • conservation & restoration
  • framing
  • loans to museums & exhibitions
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