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Albert Gleizes was a French painter and writer.

Gleizes, a nephew of the painter Léon Comerre, was trained as a technical draftsman, was a co-founder of the Salon d'Automne and a member of the Section d'Or, and is considered a representative of Cubism. He underpinned his painterly work by publishing several writings on art history and art studies. Together with Jean Metzinger, for example, he wrote the treatise "Du Cubisme" in 1912 and thus used the value-free term "Cubism" for the first time. During the First World War he lived in the USA from the end of 1915.

Gleizes founded the craftsmen's community Moly-Sabata in 1927, created murals for the Paris World Exhibition in 1937 and received the Grand Prix at the French Biennale in Menton in 1951. In the last years of his life he painted mainly religious motifs.

Gleizes died in Avignon in 1953.

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