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Gaston Chaissac was a French painter, draughtsman and writer. Jean Dubuffet initially classified him as Art Brut, but later revised this classification. Gaston Chaissac was self-taught. In his first artistic attempts he was supported by the German artist Otto Freundlich, who lived in exile in Paris, and his partner Jeanne Kosnick-Kloss. In his search for a new form of expression, Chaissac came across prehistoric cave paintings and children's drawings. Therefore, he also studied the works of his contemporaries Georges Braque, Paul Klee and Pablo Picasso.

Chaissac painted on every painting surface at his disposal. Typical for him are monochrome surfaces, which are bordered with black paint. The motif is often the human face, which is often only depicted as a mask or pair of eyes. In addition to drawings, watercolours, gouaches and oil paintings, collages, painted objects and totems have been appearing since about 1959.

Chaissac tried to join the artist community in order to profit financially from his fame. He was in close written contact with gallery owners, authors and artists not only because of this, but also because he liked to write a lot. On some days he wrote several letters. In his later works his love of writing is clearly evident.