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"Painting is first and foremost a matter of visibility. The content of our art lies in what our eyes think" (Paul Cezanne, 1839 - 1906).

An apt quotation that describes Dietmar Wölfl's painting very well. Often astonished viewers stand in front of the impressive works of the artist, always trying to get to the bottom of the secrets of these ingenious "color fireworks".

Dietmar Wölfl's art is unique. He has succeeded in establishing his technique and dynamics as a unique selling proposition, which every artist strives for. His motto, "I reach for the colors until the unexpected occurs", describes his modesty in dealing with his art, but is not all that his finished paintings are.

After his training as an interior decorator in his parents' business and parallel artistic activities (1970-73), he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna (1974 - 1978). He took over his parents' business, but by 1985 he was already drawn to Munich as a freelance artist and later "on the countryside". Here he can live out his life and has practically a good "base" for his lively artistic development. Dietmar Wölfl gives courses in almost all renowned academies - but also workshops at home in his large studio, a converted farm in Bavaria. You can also find him in his studio "Die Kunstwerkstatt" in Sulz am Neckar and another studio in Pompano Beach, Florida.

The international exceptional artist convinces with his sensational mixed techniques in oil, acrylic (fat and lean), mostly on large-format canvases. From an art historical point of view, Dietmar Wolfls art is, if you like, a color field painting brought to perfection. His distinct courage in applying color to the picture carrier (e.g. by means of pouring), his many years of experience, and his very good eye for composition, repeatedly produce outstanding works of art with tremendous depth, which regularly succeed on the art market.

Dietmar Wölfl was always supported by his mentor, the prominent artist Robert Zielasco, who has significantly influenced his painting style. And always also the look at his favorites on the art market, Hermann Nitsch and Jonathan Meese, have made him who he is today!

For years, the artist has been showing his works at international exhibitions and trade fairs and has always received a varied response, among art collectors and artists (Damien Hirst, for example, is one of his clients) as well as the general public.

However, his portrait and his essence would not be fully described if one were to forget his always calmly expressed wisdom: "Art likes or dislikes. The artist lives with it!" Chapeau for this relaxed attitude to life, which is certainly the basis of his international success.