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Piero Dorazio was an Italian painter.

He drew inspiration and ideas for his art from his studies of European and non-European art history, but especially from Raffaello Santi and Antonio del Pollajuolo, the French Impressionists, the Italian Futurists and from Vasily Vasilievich Kandinsky, Kasimir Severinovich Malevich and Piet Mondrian.

His "abstract" non-representational pictorial language is evident in the use of pure primary colours, which he overlays, weaves and repeats ornamentally in stripes, strokes, lines, fields and surfaces.

In addition to planar painting, to which he also lent a structured surface using aluminium, wood and Plexiglas, he created lithographs and etchings, glass windows, mosaics, ceramics and stage sets.

Dorazio is regarded as one of the most important Italian artists of the second half of the 20th century and as a pioneer of abstraction in Italy.

Artworks Piero Dorazio