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Lucebert was a Dutch painter, graphic artist, poet and writer.

Lucebert broke off his studies at the Amsterdam School of Applied Arts in 1938 after half a year. In 1948 Lucebert founded the Experimentele Groep in Holland with other young poets and painters. Their aim was to "fight solidified aesthetic notions" in order to enable "a free development of the new artistic principles".

After working together with Belgian and Danish artists such as Pierre Alechinsky and Asger Jorn and Carl-Henning Pedersen, they founded the Cobra Group in Paris. Lucebert was mainly active as a poet with the group. Lucebert's first reading of his poems on the occasion of the first Cobra exhibition ends with a scandal. After riots in the audience, the police had to end the lecture by Lucebert and his friends prematurely. In 1969 Lucebert was commissioned by the city of Amsterdam to write a play. In 1974 his Verzamelde poems were published.

With surrealist and Dadaist influences, Lucebert's poetry was considered avant-garde and revolutionary. He broke the established rules of poetry and created a new, young and modern style of writing. His oeuvre also includes paintings, gouaches, drawings, prints and book illustrations. He participated in documenta II (1959) and documenta III in 1964 in Kassel.

In 1958 Lucebert had his first solo exhibition in a Haarlem gallery and in 1959 his first museum exhibition in Amsterdam's Stedelijk Museum. He is buried at the Algemene begraafplaats cemetery in Bergen (North Holland).