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With the exhibition Bergluft we show artists who grew up in the mountain regions and/or whose work is strongly influenced by the mountains.

The exhibition includes paintings, sculptures and photographs. We show works by Not Vital, Alois Carigiet, Rolf Sachs, Ernst L. Kirchner, Albert Müller and Erich Heckel. Photographs by Zak van Biljon (exhibition image), Albert Steiner, Guido Baselgia, Adolphe Braun, Tobias Madörin and André Wagner. The Vernissage from November 5 - 7 will take place in our gallery as well as in the opposite Chapel of the Kulturhaus Helferei. Friday and Saturday there will be a concert with the young singer/songwriter Mattiu Defuns from Grisons. More information will follow in the October newsletter.