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One Man Show in the gallery & the chapel of the Kulturhaus Helferei

Leon Löwentraut is considered one of the most sought after artists of the young generation. Within the past year he had various exhibitions around Europe. Despite of his young age and relatively short career, he allready had several one-man museum shows. Löwentraut uses his huge social reach to make a strong & lasting impact for a sustainable future.

As the 18th work of the UNESCO campaign art for global goals, he created the "Global Gate" in 2020, which Löwentraut himself described as the largest mobile work of art in the world. The drawings around the work symbolise the 17 global goals for the sustainable development of our society.

From September 2 - 5, we will exhibit over twenty of his unique works of art in our gallery as well as in the chapel of the Kulturhaus Helferei next to the Grossmünster. After that, the exhibition will continue in our gallery until October 2.